Today, the new normal is the natural acceleration of exponential change. It is the rapid and constant transformation of business and society. It is the condition all organizations must learn to adapt to.

The New Normal is here to stay, and that’s why we created the New Normal Leadership Dialogues.

New Normal Leadership Dialogues is a continuing series of conversations that explore how leaders, leadership teams and organizations can succeed in an era where conventional wisdom and accepted truths shift every day. An in-person event, each dialogue relies on leaders from various fields to discuss, share and learn from one another.




New Normal Leadership Dialogue #2

The subject of our second New Normal Leadership Dialogue raised a simple, but profound question: how do leaders help others look up and out? Our answer focused on the expanding role of the curator and how its core skills – curiosity, communication, and collaboration - have become increasingly relevant to business leadership. Looking up and out demands a guide who can provide focus and structure, a point of view that helps others contextualize their work. With this in mind, we explored how leaders can act as curators for their employees and create a sense of aligned foresight.

New Normal Leadership Dialogue #1

The framing idea for our first New Normal Leadership Dialogue focused on the deceptive nature of the term itself, new normal, and that many leaders may expect conditions to stabilize. The reality is that accelerating change is constant and ongoing, not a finite phase or period of time. And it has the greatest implications to leaders because it requires evolving how you lead. Download a .pdf recap.