Radar helps bring the future into focus, making it possible for leaders to evolve at or above the pace of change in the world.

Radar is a journal focused on helping leaders see, understand and master constant transformation.

It’s readily accepted that the pace of evolution is so fast today that the majority of college students are preparing for jobs that haven’t been invented yet. The often overlooked corollary is that what’s true for students is also true for leaders: leadership is being reinvented to succeed in the new normal world.

Creating a New Normal Organization

The term new normal captures an emerging truth: change and volatility are now constant conditions, not cyclical ones. Despite this knowledge, many organizations remain focused on recovery, stability and improved efficiency. These organizations acknowledge – even fear – disruption, but they’re designed to solve for now, not for what’s next.

New-normal leaders are on a different course. They’re developing appreciation for, and practices that honor, an age-old truth: the future always favors foresight.

Whether they’re teaching an elephant to dance, or starting the next unicorn, new-normal leaders are evolving the way they, their peers and their organizations think and work. They’re recognizing the limitations of last century’s best practices. And creating adaptive organizations capable of constant transformation, not just eking out incremental growth.

Recalibrating Alignment

When most organizations think of alignment, it’s on strategy, or performance metrics, or executional priorities. The problem is these are second, third or fourth-stage steps. What they fail to align on is the vital first-stage: foresight.

Aligned foresight is the discipline of looking up and out, comparing perspective, and then developing shared perspective. Jeff Bezos, a master at aligned foresight, says it’s as much about what’s unchanging as what is changing. It’s about having deep, shared points of view about how a company can accelerate its evolution, raise its relevance, and move at or above the pace of change in the world.

Moving faster without aligned foresight makes an organization shaky and hard to steer. And it takes its toll on everyone.

Innovating Leadership

Radar is tracking aligned foresight as part of an emerging approach to leadership — a beneficial cycle with three distinct stages: perspective > possibility > performance.

• Perspective is used to develop aligned foresight, which unlocks an organization’s ability to see its most important possibilities.

• Framing the most important possibilities for an organization creates authentic engagement. Authentic engagement unlocks an organization’s purpose and energy to perform in new ways and at higher levels.

• Performing in new and more relevant ways makes an organization perspective-seeking, which is the key to being sustainably adaptive.

What's Ahead

Radar is a navigational tool for leaders. It brings our in-depth understanding of new practices that help make success possible in the New Normal of constant transformation.

Our aim at RADAR is to help leaders develop the new-normal skills they’ll need to see and shape the future of their organizations. The stories we'll tell will play a big role in that. Join us in evolving at or above the pace of change in the world.


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