Carter developed a trend map that identified the biggest global trends shaping both FedEx and its customers. Working with Judy Edge, FedEx CVP of Human Resources, Carter brought his leadership team together to consider and discuss the map, and align on aspects of the future they believed would have the most significant impact and what leadership characteristics they would need to foster and develop moving forward.

Carter and Edge pushed in perspective that helped the team begin defining and developing new normal leadership. Carter’s team, recognizing the value of that perspective, decided it was important to share it more broadly. A few months later, at a global meeting of 600+ FedEx IT managers and above, a full day was devoted to sharing and discussing the trend map.

Carter and Edge demonstrate that leadership development in an accelerating world requires investment in developing aligned foresight, and a willingness to let the future — rather than the past — shape leadership.

FedEx: Using the Future to Reimagine Leadership

FedEx is a company that has changed its industry dramatically over its 45 years — and remains focused on solutions that matter. It was with that mindset that Rob Carter, the company’s highly respected CIO, recognized the need to reimagine the leadership characteristics his organization will need as it becomes ever-more-deeply integrated in helping the business develop and deliver innovations.

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